Well since my medical adventure in Los Angeles I have been silent on here… sorry about that.  A large number of changes, some expected more than others, have left me doing things other than spooging on the internet.

Before I departed to L.A., I decided to take the tail end of 2017 and all of 2018 away from any organized group type activity – no more rock club stuff, or magazine editing etc., and definitely no martial stuff of any stripe.  This was a conscious decision to simplify, and to give myself tons of mental room to adjust to the news I was expecting.

Well here it is, going into the last week of March, and I find myself exactly where I expected mentally, and am pleased I had the foresight to clear my plate.  It is hard explain without putting private medical stuff on the internet, but just trust me on this point – much disconnection with other peoples’ expectations was needed.

I re-upped this site for the next year and hope to shine it up and add a lot more content as things develop… but no promises.  The Goblins have been a touch maniacal lately, and appear to have stored up years’ worth of flingable projectiles without my noticing.