There have been from very large and very wild developments in my life over the past six months, and while at first I thought the mental impact was indicative of some kind of mid-life crisis, I have come to see it as something very different, an opportunity to reassess the big and small pictures in my life.

Everyone has a moment (usually several through out their lives) where things snap into sharp focus, where the contrast between what is and what you feel (or wish) things should be becomes profoundly distinct.  For me, one of those moments was last week, but I will skip the details (privacy & the internet represent a terrible balancing act) and simply say this: When you are compelled to seek change, anything is better than nothing.

I have never claimed any sort of wisdom, and more & more I realize just how little I know, even about myself – yet I will not yield to those forces that tell me to settle, to accept terrible immorality or unethical behaviors simply because it would be fiscally beneficial to do so.

Big picture and little picture need to be complimentary for me to maintain what little sanity I have left, and these days I value my health, mental and physical, beyond anything else.