I can make no claims to any wisdom beyond that we all gather through paying attention to what caused us discomfort in our latest endeavour & trying to avoid repeating that experience a second (or third) time, but sometimes I reject opportunities because of historical echo.  Something seems similar to a previous experience (a bad one) so I shy away from it, expecting a swift kick in the nads from some unseen dark corner of the room.  Sometimes this is helpful to avoid pain, but it often is preemptively castrating my chance for a positive ending, due simply to being gun shy, or forgetting that I remembered to put on my cup this morning, so could take a junk jangling if needs be.

Having recently seen this (and having successfully reminded myself of aforementioned testicular armouring) I began to ponder how many of my past decisions were motivated by these emotional or cognitive fallacies, by an artificially appearing familiarity that leads only to a self fulfilling prophecy of either lack of opportunity or truncated experiences…  While I am no fan of foot to the fork receptions, I have to consider the paths left unexplored by worry or fear as those most lost & most painful, even if only vicariously.