Change evokes many different reactions, and within those reactions live the minutes of my life.  At times frenetic, at times sedate to point of barely able to maintain consciousness, but always within the energy of alteration.  I have made some very significant personal and professional shifts over the past few months, and I find myself with new vistas on the horizons, a welcome if somewhat unsettling experience.  I will be wielding my pen(s) in new and more frequent ways, while also diving much deeper into photography than I have before, all in pursuit of making a living while also living a life, which truly is a combination I have not experienced before.

I hope to keep this blog full of spooge and other cranial leakage over the coming months, but given the hectic schedule I expect during all this change, I cannot be sure of how things will develop…

Stay tuned if you are interested… but of course I understand if you are not.  Change is sometimes more wondrous to those ensnared by it, than by those watching.